Nikkis est une entreprise familliale.
N icole
K ilian
K enan
S hadia more !

Accordion lessons 😉


or 3 possibilities :

  1. one-year subscription at 720.00 francs per year
  2. one-year subscription at 1'440.00 francs per year
  3. pay for your lesson by twint of 30 minutes at 40.00 frs

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Nikkis accordions are produced exclusively by the Maxim's Group company, located in Castelfidardo (Italy), whose owner is Maximiliano Ciucciomei.

Maximiliano has recently started a collaboration with the world-famous master Richard Galliano in order to launch a new collection called "Richard Galliano Collection", which consists in the production of Settimio Soprani and Sonola models, with buttons and piano, supervised by the master who will put his signature.

I will be the official and exclusive distributor in Switzerland of this new collection!

The NiKKiS accordion is a small chromatic accordion with 18 basses and 31 melody buttons. 

It exists in 3 kinds of wood:
- walnut, dark colour
- cherry wood, fruity colour
- maple, light colour

It is decorated with the stylised head of Noushka, a Siberian husky, and a Swiss cross ch.
The name NiKKiS reflects the family, the initials of Nicole and her children Kilian, Kenan and Shadia.